Take a Fitness Pledge with truGym on this World Yoga Day

It’s World Yoga Day today and yet most of us are unaware about the importance of yoga in our life. So let’s have a clear idea of what yoga is all about and how it has a pivotal significance in our day to day life.

Birth of Yoga

The birth of yoga is in India almost 26,000 years ago. It is believed to have been evolved in the golden era (also known as Sat Yuga) when there was time of ever lasting peace and abundant blessings of the eternal truth. That’s why till today yoga is associated with sages and hermits. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj‘ which means to unite. This union is referred to as that of an individual self uniting with inner consciousness and individual spirit. Yoga is where your body, mind and consciousness all unite for your self-achievement. Peace and tranquillity are the two rewards of yoga that will completely transform your life and living.

The importance of Yoga

Yoga is the union with the self. The true essence of yoga revolves around the base of the spine. Yoga bestows the power to control your mind and body; you will feel completely rejuvenated and energized after a successful yoga session. Apart from this it has several other facilities such as removal of all the toxins and negativity from the body and offering of a pure and peaceful mind. It increases your focus and concentration power, reduces stress and tension, promotes self healing and restores positive energy of your body.

Achieve yoga with truGym

Yoga cannot be achieved in a single day; it requires a series of dedicated physical and mental exercises. The physical level comprises various yoga postures or ‘asanas’ that help to keep your body fit and healthy. The mental levels include breathing exercises or ‘pranayama’ and meditation to regulate and control your mind. Yoga consists of various ‘asanas’ or postures and each of this posture has its own health beneficiary significance. Like we all have different fitness requirements, similarly different yoga postures have different healing elements. Every posture cannot suit your requirement. Moreover yoga should be done in a proper environment and in proper techniques. That’s why it is primarily important to properly diagnose your requirements. The best option is to join a low cost gym in Luton that will train you with proper yoga techniques. At truGym, UK’s best fitness solution provider, you will get a complete yoga guidance that will help you promote a balanced development of your mental, spiritual and physical well being.

So on this auspicious World Yoga Day, take a positive stride with truGym, one of the most popular low cost gyms in Peterborough and move towards a healthy mind and body.


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